Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the most powerful networking tool available to you right now. Do you know why? Because it’s free, it’s full of contacts and it’s easy to use. With over 575 million active users on LinkedIn today, that means the chance to make some really meaningful connections are (literally) a click away! But in order to stand out amongst [figure], your linked in profile has to be spectacular.

Show Your Value

So let’s say that you’re a plumber. You may be the best plumber in your area, but a poorly optimised LinkedIn profile will do no favours in making you stand out above the rest. It’s true that often times the power of social media allows us to ‘fake it til we make it’, but truthfully you can’t fake the value of your business. However, you may be able to position yourself in such a way that it could make you stand out as ‘the best plumber’. Ultimately, when push comes to shove, it’s your influence that gives you sway in these situations. So what else do you have to do to help solidify your position as one of the best?

Stay Current

Keep posting, at least five times a week. Whether that’s a re-share, a comment, a like, a blog post (like this one) or a video. You want to stay current. Also, check your connections. Try to connect with at least one new person a day. Grow your network and engage with your new contacts. It’s a powerful way to let people know who you are and why they should care. Don’t have the time for this? Set aside 15-20 minutes, get a tool like Buffer or Hootsuite and schedule up a few posts for your week. Then add the first ten contacts that LinkedIn suggests. It won’t take you long but it will keep you in the loop.

Share the Love

As a social media platform, LinkedIn is without a doubt one of the most positive, good-natured environments on the web. Almost every day we see someone request a great recruiter and within minutes they have received over 20 names that may help them in their recruitment drive. What a fantastic way to support each other! So to really stand out in LinkedIn, do what you can to let people on there know you care. Celebrate work anniversary or milestones, endorse others for skills and recommend each other for work. It’s mutually beneficial and it just goes to show us all the power of networking.

Be Confident

Confidence is key to success. Obviously! But the same goes for LinkedIn. Think about how you’ve set up your profile. What does it say about you? Maybe today is the day you give your profile a polish. Start with your job title. What sounds better? ‘Business Coach’ or Head Coach / Award-Winning Business Growth Coach / Senior Partner / Certified DISC Practitioner’. One lumps you in with everyone else. While the other puts your skills, ability and accolades front and centre. Start here today, rewrite your job title and your profile description. Think of this simple structure to follow: Client, Problem, Solution, Result. Think of who you serve, what they need, how you help and what they get. Then check the rest of your profile and see what else could do with an enhancement. Good luck!

Need More Help with Your LinkedIn?

Want a bit more from us on how to make your profile really stand out from the crowd? We can help you massively optimise your profile and show you how LinkedIn can become a massive resource for lead generation. Get in touch today to find out more.