ActionCOACH 17 Week Guarantee IconFor most of our coaching programmes, we pledge to return your investment or else we give you your money back. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

So if the amount that your business has increased in gross profit after 6 months is not equal to, or higher than the investment you have made in ActionCOACH, then we will pay you the differential to ensure that you only experience an upside to working with us. If you don’t benefit from coaching, you don’t pay. It’s as simple as that.

Our business coaching strategies are tried, tested and proven to work, with businesses across the UK seeing real results. If you do all the required work assigned to you, attend coaching sessions, events and workshops and complete your assignments on time – you will see your business improve. We offer this guarantee because we believe in our system. We’ve seen it work; we know it can be done. All you need to do is get up and do it.

Please note: This guarantee is discussed and agreed during your complimentary coaching session. Every business is different, so we need to assess how quickly we can achieve those results in relation to your business.

By offering this guarantee, we make this a win-win situation for you. The worst thing that could happen is that you increase your profits just enough to pay for your business coaching. Even if you don’t increase your profits that much, we give you a lot to make up for it. In other words, the worst that could happen is you still receive the same amount of profit in your pocket you always have, plus you have gained advice, coaching and business development material rom us and have become a better leader.

Consider the possibilities if you make the investment. A profit increase of up to 300%, a newly inspired team of future leaders and a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you!

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