Why Seminars?

Recently we were asked why our business seminars are hosted for free. Well, anyone who has attended one of our 6 Steps seminars knows that the value you are getting for your ticket is huge.  But we thought it would be best to explain the benefits in a blog. Keep reading below to find out why we host free business seminars across Bristol and the South-West.


We’ll get the obvious one out of the way first. Of course, hosting a free event to business owners in Bristol offers a huge boost to our marketing. Our promotion on social media, print and editorials has spread awareness and helped us reach new clients. On the day itself, the more tags, mentions and shares we get on a day like our last event helps us massively increase our reach and engagement with potential business owners across Bristol & the South-West. Especially when motivational speaker and influencer Steve Judge is in attendance. There is a massive surge to our marketing and a benefit to our business by hosting these events.


We value our tickets at £50+VAT for the sheer wealth of knowledge, information and opportunities you will be introduced to. From marketing, to mastery and maximising turnover, ActionCOACH has identified all the challenges that business owners face. We then designed tried-and-tested solutions to help our clients build a better business. Our vision at ActionCOACH Bristol is to build abundance throughout Bristol and the UK by re-educating business owners on how to run a commercial profitable enterprise that works. We believe whole-heartedly that our system works because we’ve seen it work. Our seminars are designed to give business owners invaluable advice that leaves them feeling inspired. So by giving away a little hint at how powerful our system can, we let our system speak for itself and our guests are eager to know more.


Our 6 Steps seminars are a fantastic opportunity for us to field some market research on how we are promoting our vision. And every event we have hosted has had a glowing rate of positive feedback. We want to give our guests huge value for their money, or in this case time. So every event we host is used as a fantastic opportunity to refine our approach and give the business owners of Bristol an opportunity to tell us how they feel about what we are offering.


We also view our events as an opportunity for business owners to network. And if you have been following our blogs then you know how important we believe networking is for business. Now, most networking groups will charge you a fee to join. Networking has one of the highest ROI for new business, so it would only be fair to charge members. We are offering you an opportunity to share a room and an afternoon with business owners like you that could be the suppliers or clients you need to meet.

Don’t Miss out on our Seminars

For us, the investment of running a free seminar that combines networking, learning and a free lunch is a no-brainer. We consider it a pleasure to open our doors and host some of Bristol’s finest business owners every month. If you are interested in reading more about our next event, why not head to our events page to see when our next event is on or come along to our next seminar?