Do you test and measure your marketing? The benefits of testing and measuring are huge!

How Test and Measure works

You try out a new idea and analyse the results you get. If you’re running Facebook ads, you change the copy and see how it performs compared to before. So if your new copy has a CTR increase of 5% — keep the new headline. Then you test what your advert is offering. Is it clear? Is it on-brand? Or do you have something new? Test it, record it and adapt accordingly.

It’s all too often we meet people who say “I spend £300 a month on Facebook advertising and I’ve never had a lead”. Firstly, your ad must be poorly set up and secondly, are you testing and measuring your output? If you are always changing your approach then you will start to see a clear improvement in results. The first ad might perform well but it’s never going to be a perfect ad.

How to Start

When it comes to test and measure, the best way to approach is to simply decide what it is you want to do and then do it. All too often, business owners get over analytical. They become afraid of the challenges or risks they face and refuse to take the shot. The truth is that marketing won’t always be a winner but it can be fixed. No marketing is much worse than bad marketing. Bad marketing can be fixed but no marketing drastically limits your outreach.

Just start slowly and change one little thing at a time. If you drastically rebrand your e-shot then you won’t be able to determine what people are (or aren’t) responding to. Gradual changes are the key here.

A/B testing can be a great asset. This allows you to send two alterations of the same advert and lets you see what performs best. Most marketing platforms have an in-built A/B testing tool.

Start Testing and Measuring Now

Whatever marketing output you have going out now. Take stock of everything you have and see what subtle changes you can make to your output. Most importantly, make sure you test the marketing and measure the results. We believe that even a tiny change will massively impact your success.

Let’s work together! We can help you build a successful business and get more out of your marketing. If you would like to talk to experienced business owners about marketing output and how testing and measuring can help, get in touch today.