Clashing With Your Employee?

It’s a harsh truth to accept that we simply don’t all see eye-to-eye. What’s worse is that you can in many cases be directly responsible for an employee that you don’t like. The question you may find yourself asking is ‘how do I deal with this employee?’

Well the fact of the matter is that despite your personal feelings, you will have to figure out how to manage someone, in spite of your personal feelings. Consider this quote: “the conventional definition of management is getting work done through people, but real management is developing people through work”. To put it another way, you must overcome your personal issue and develop a solution. This, in itself, creates a careful balance on the right way to manage someone.

Have an Outlet

It is key that you have an outlet to how you express your issues with your employee. It should be wildly clear that you don’t make it obvious how you feel about said person to their face. By doing this, you risk increasing the animosity your employees may feel about you. It’s also essential you don’t spread your complaints across the office. This can start a bad reputation. People will start to think ‘if this is what they say about them, I wonder what they say about me’. A dangerous precedent and a surefire way to lose trust.

Find someone you trust that you can be open with about these issues. Working with a business coach gives you an opportunity to be open and honest with an individual you know that you can trust. A business coach is someone that will allow you a way to verbalise your issues and even identify the solutions to managing your employee.

Accept a Change

It may be essential that the change lies with you. Avoid the need for hostility and accept the fact that you are running a business. A business that requires that you are making smart, positive decisions that won’t breed hostility in the workplace. If your employee is bringing a resolutely unprofessional tone to the workplace, it is your duty to set the groundwork and keep them away from a negative mindset. They are on your time, so try to keep them on track.

As CEO Eric Pilner says “you don’t have to like all your employees and they don’t have to like you. But you do have to demonstrate genuine respect”.

Engage Your Employee

Start from the ground up. You need to lead your team, but there’s a few holding you back. Or God forbid, the whole team is. Where do you start? Your team needs to be re-energised. It’s surprising just how many employees are disengaged from their role. The key to fixing this problem is not to alienate or feel frustrated at employees that don’t gel. The key is to rebuild trust. If being a manager means respecting your team, lead by example and show them why they should respect you.

Our Engage & Grow programme is designed to re-charge, re-energise and re-engage your team. By putting your common goal and your team vision at the front and centre of what you do, this programme can help you get back on board and overcome your conflicts.

To find out more about how to overcome your team issues or re-engage your employees, get in touch with us today.